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I can honestly say I spent a good majority of my 30’s saying Yes to as much as I possibly could. I obviously took into consideration some parameters with that being said, as I’m not a complete degenerate and was not void of actual adult responsibilities. Setting out to take on the World of Yes, was a conscious decision with a simple but heavy goal in mind. I wanted to ensure that when I came to the end of my life, I would have as little regrets as possible. I think we all can agree that there are always going to be some, but mine wouldn’t be from lack of trying. I envisioned having a lengthy highlight reel that would give me a gift basket of delightful memories that I could share in the dining room of whatever retirement home that my child abandoned me at. I imagine that while we would all be seated around the dinner table, gumming our pot pies, I’d finally realize my comedic dream. I would want to make them laugh until they’d take their last breath or mine. I anticipate that when the moment finally arrives I’d come gun cocked to blow away the cute nurse aids with my risqué tales of the past. They’ll sit their in dismay as I charm my way into their hearts so that I can earn extra ice cream cups. That’s actually how my dad passed away; holding a popsicle. We like our ice cream, and will get it at any cost.

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You may ask, so where am I at now with journey through Yes-dom….I’m Exhausted. Legitimately so pooped and to be quite frank, bored with the idea of tackling anymore hedonistic and mischievous pleasures. I recognize that good memories are not just based in naughty behavior, but I’ll tell you most good stories are! Often my girlfriends would be leaned in for hours, elbows up, lips pursed and nursing their craft cocktails over some over exaggerated and highly dramatized versions of my weekend exploits.

I can’t help but grieve the parts of me that I have left behind from that era. The parts of me that were so very whimsical and inconsequential. I carried an air of disregard for opinions, carefree from the chains of judgment; confident in my decisions and who I was. It was a bigger than life character, based on this bigger than life personality that was fighting to break free from the monotony of important roles I had as a mother and in my career. I’ve always been beguiled by pushing those boundaries that we become comfortable in or strive to work within. Embracing my own womanhood over the last 2 decades I’ve admittedly been unkind to myself when I have not been able to fit into the societal cookie cutter molds. Through self expression and actualizing self love, I quickly learned to make my own mold as unique and un-uniform as my personality. Molds should be malleable, transformative, and progressive in the same we are, developing in our lives.

But with that being said I’m not against taking on a few more YES moments, in fact time is ticking! When time is of the essence one must look at things far more pragmatically. I realize that in spending so much more time in the predictability of my home setting that opportunities will no longer just fall in my lap. In the desolate abyss of my home-life equipped now with a meditation corner and a crafting table I’m at a loss creatively as to what deviance lays ahead of me. Perhaps the crafting table could be turned into 50 shades of gray bondage slab…just beware of the glitter glue!

I’ve decided to tackle it from a more guided approach, that being a little game of Never Have I Ever with myself. So if I have Never; then I will add it to the list!

“Never Have I Ever” Questions

  1. Never have I ever sent someone a naughty pic- Who hasn’t?
  2. Never have I ever slept in the buff.-Everynight, accept in Winter becuase my boyfriend likes to sleep with the Fan and Window Open. Its Pajamas or Frostbite.
  3. Never have I ever received a lap dance. -Lots, in fact my least favorite was the one I got for my bachelorette party in Las Vegas. I think his name was Rick Steele…and he offered me to pay him more for the XXX version. I declined.
  4. Never have I ever given a lap dance.-Yes, and I’m not good at it. I’m usually horribly drunk and have fallen over on multiple occasions.
  5. Never have I ever taken a sexy selfie.-Seriously?
  6. Never have I ever had a friends with benefits.-Thats what we call Dating Apps, minus the friend part…I’d just call it Benefits.
  7. Never have I ever kissed a stranger.- Define Stranger? Aren’t we all strangers at first.
  8. Never have I ever flashed someone.- Definitely flashed a few body parts in my time.
  9. Never have I ever had a threesome.-This has occurred- Sorry mom
  10. Never have I ever role played.- I cant say that I have actually role played…well that is
  11. Never have I ever been skinny dipping.- It started in high school and never stopped, the best feeling ever to be naked in water that isn’t a bath tub.
  12. Never have I ever been caught looking at something naughty- I have not!!!
  13. Never have I ever made out with someone of the same sex. *eye roll*
  14. Never have I ever sexted.*YAWN *
  15. Never have I ever flirted with a teacher. *Nope…maybe a coach? My school didnt really have any hot babe teachers
  16. Never have I ever been to a nude beach. * I’ve been to two, one at night for a beach party and no one was there, another no one was there and the beach was rocky with no sun so I left.
  17. Never have I ever watched porn. -Not much lately.
  18. Never have I ever had a crush on a coworker.-Maybe a long time ago like 20 years ago
  19. Never have I ever been to an adult store.-Plenty of times
  20. Never have I ever played Dirty Truth or Dare. – I used to host this game at my house in school
  21. Never have I ever taken a shower selfie.- Are you crazy…I’m so klutzy, I’d get it wet. Bath selfie yes.
  22. Never have I ever been shy in the bedroom.- Shy no, Lazy Yes.
  23. Never have I ever had a one night stand.- More than I can count
  24. Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.-Hell No
  25. Never have I ever kissed on the first date.- People only kiss on first dates?
  26. Never have I ever been on a dating website.-That’s how I met my boo bear…he was a one night stand that turned into forever!
  27. Never have I ever been turned down.-I’m going to say No, only because I’m not a girl that takes chances with rejection.
  28. Never have I ever dated more than one person at once.- Uhhhh isn’t “dating” about meeting people and feeling out the masses?
  29. Never have I ever gone speed dating. -Nope, this terrifies me. Small talk…ewwwww.
  30. Never have I ever been dumped.-Does being ghosted count? Because I have definitely been ghosted.
  31. Never have I ever said “I love you” without meaning it.-I have actually…but its complicated.
  32. Never have I ever slept with someone twice my age.- I have not!
  33. Never have I ever spied on an ex online.- Isn’t this how we all learn how to move on?
  34. Never have I ever had a rebound.-Same as above.

Well that was anticlimactic! Looks like I have maybe two on the deviant agenda, and they really aren’t all that exciting. I’m presenting to my readers an opportunity to build on this list…Insert your outrageous “Never Have I Ever” Questions Below and I’ll answer them!!!

I’ll leave you with a few ideas

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☁️ Spoiled Princess ☁️ | Spoiled quotes, Quotes, Queen quotes

Let me begin with saying that this Chica misses getting dressed for the office as I have been a part of the millions who are now working from home for the most part. While my job still requires me to leave my home, it often doesn’t make much sense to carry out the full routine for only a short period of the day. Getting dressed up now is often coupled with comments from my boyfriend suggesting I either have a hot date or I’m meeting the girls for happy hour.

This is a comical considering neither have happened in far too long. *Ahem*

I am long over the initial online shopping frenzy of the early pandemic days when I had imagined coming out of the pandemic lockdown and sporting a new #ootd every day of the week in celebration of re-entering society. Those dreams are long gone, washed away along with the 28 inch waistline I intended to have by the end of the summer. As I sit here eating Nutella from a spoon wearing my boyfriends oversized Alabama Crimson Tide Sweater, paired with Monday’s Yoga Pants my sadness deepens. And not because my waistline isn’t 28 inches but rather 34 inches, but because the outfit does not reflect my creativity and personal style when it comes to expressing myself through fashion. I wish I could be as forgiving as the stretch in my Yoga Pants on the matter, but I simply cannot take this laying down any further.

Literally I cannot…I have bruised ribs from a Snowboarding Fall. Laying down hurts. And so does breathing.

This cracks me up and I'm thinking I will wear comfy clothes 24/7 now. Lol

I had intended on photographing more of my #ootd and I think we can call agree Yoga Pants will not cut it. I continue to watch and admire Instagram Feeds and admire the flow of beautiful content being produced and wonder how are you all staying so motivated? It often makes me feel like I’m living in parallel universe and I’m on the side of the fence where everything is going to shit. I’m not travelling anywhere in which would provide opportunities for exotic photo ops, and frolicking down a cute cobble stone road whimsically holding a basket of fresh flowers. There are no glamorous nights out capturing me in all my glory popping the Champagne; my perfectly outlined Chanel Red Lips beaming with Dom kissed elation. It’s Winter here in Calgary where I’d typically be sporting some beautiful knee high boots with rich sweater dresses and holiday sparkled ensembles. But things just aren’t happening in my world that would even warrant the kind of effort I typically have applied in the past to a Wine Wednesday evening out. In addition we as a Province just entered a State of Health Emergency so I’m really not going anywhere.

But I still managed on Sunday to get back into the habit of planning my outfits for my work week. This is something I used to do habitually which I feel has often made my life so much easier. There are so many benefits to laying out your outfits ahead of time.

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  1. You get to sleep longer since you don’t have to mess about trying to find or put together an outfit. Who doesn’t love an extra 15-20 minutes of beauty sleep. Pre-planning outfits means you don’t have to think about what to wear after the alarm rings.
  2. You avoid Outfit Blunder Frustration that creates “Morning Stress”- Ever start your day upset because you cant find something to wear, cutting into your ability to stop at Starbucks drive thru. It just spirals down-hill from here. Why do another task in the morning when there is already so much to do? It can be a mad scramble getting you and your family out the door as it is. Don’t spend precious moments reconsidering what goes together, what is appropriate for the day’s activities and what is clean. Why empty your closet as you toss things about, trying to find where you put that nude-for-you camisole, or those shoes you thought you put in the bin under your bed? Alternatively, if you gather all the parts of your outfit the night before, you reduce that morning craziness.
  3. You Get Noticed-When you are well put together people appreciate the efforts you take. Confidence can be contagious. When you can put what you are wearing at the back of your mind, you feel happier about your clothes. If you are not irritated by the clothes you yanked on at the last minute, unhappy with the forced, early morning decisions you had to make, you will be more content with the clothing you already own. Stylish people look put-together. It’s easier to look put-together when you’ve spent some time and thought putting an outfit together. If increasing your stylishness is your goal, outfit planning is a sure-fire way to get there.
  4. You are more likely to wear things in your closet that have been tucked away gathering dust. Generally, we have a tendency to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This seems like a bit of a waste of clothes, dollars and closet space. Make a plan to figure out how to wear those items that you never seem to wear. Put your closet to work for you. You are less likely to feel like you have nothing to wear if you spend a few extra minutes building an outfit around some of the clothing items you haven’t been wearing.
  5. When you have a visual reminder of what you have you are far less likely to shop for things you already have, and saving your money!
  6. Finding new ways to wear things in your wardrobe can be so fun and provide you hours of music fueled entertainment during a time that we are spending much more time at home.
  7. Advertising your gift of style in your personal life as well as via social media could lead to side jobs like being a personal shopper, stylist, or closet consultant.
  8. Going through your closet allows you to get rid of stuff that is ready for donation and no longer serves purpose taking up space in your closet. As Marie Kondo would say “By acknowledging their contribution and letting them go with gratitude, you will be able to truly put the things you own, and your life, in order.”

Above I have what I’d call a Casual Friday Outfit that’s ready for the Happy Hour Girls that keep it going long after Happy Hour is done. I like that you can either strip the blouse and wear the body suit with some high waisted booty hugging jeans, or strip the body suit and wear a sexy black bra under the floral blouse for an equally seductive look.

Above I can mix and match jackets, tops, pants and shoes. I’m in love with a Chanel inspired look that again can shed layers interchangeably.

Tips on How to Make It Happen

  • When you are putting together an outfit, think about using a completer piece. Pick out the completer piece first and build the outfit around it.
  • Some will pick out their shoes first and build the outfit around them. Shoes do a great job of setting the tone for what you will wear. Also, shoes are one closet item that bring a lot of people closet joy.
  • If you plan your outfit ahead, you are more likely to wear accessories. Accessories go a long way to looking stylishly put-together. Accessories are like the icing on the cake. It’s hard to ice a cake when you’re eating bites of breakfast in between blowdrying and demands to sign permission forms.

Thanks you for continuing to come through and check in on this Broad! If you are loving what you read on my site please share the word!

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Unless they are Period Panties, No Panty is Created Equal.

Now that every male has decided to exit with his box to the left, lets discuss the fabrics that shelter our own little boxes. This applies to the ladies who claim they don’t wear underwear too, because every now and again, your delicate kittens need an affectionate embrace too.

It was 1993 and I would have been in grade 8 when I received my first pair of thong underwear from my Auntie Pauline. My Aunt lived in California and was always sporting the hottest outfits, dawning her dark bronzed skin while sprawled out on her patio that overlooked the golf course. She had this adorable little haircut that was perfectly understated for her feisty, yet petit little frame. My mom said growing up the neighborhood kids would call her “souris en colere,” and found it funny that she wound up as a “trophy wife” to my uncle who had climbed the corporate ladder of Southern Edison. I loved her fashion sense despite her admittedly passing it off as- more work- than something she actually took a real interest in. She was a tomboy at heart, but you couldn’t deny not taking notice of her effortless sensuality. I have fond memories from my visits with her as she’d dump loads of nail polish and other beauty products into my suitcase to take home. We’d play in her luxurious bathroom and closets, where she’d give you the diamonds off her ears if you asked her for them.

So it was no surprise when we went shopping at The Esplanade that she told me I needed Thong underwear so that my panty lines wouldn’t show. I thought to myself, who cares about pantie lines, those things looked gross. I didn’t understand how anything that would go up your butt could be comfortable, until she bought my first pair. When I slid my thong on for the first time an overwhelming sense of sophistication flooded my system. It was like I was wearing nothing at all, and I’d think to myself, what if all the boys knew I was wearing a thong, they’d think I was soooo sexually cultivated. Who knew only 6 years later wearing your thong over the top of your jeans would become all the rage. The thong song would hit the airwaves and Sisco would be singing that famous tune “That thong thong thong thong thong.” I clearly was a young woman ahead of the times.

Over the years the thong would take on many additional sub forms as their popularity grew at the same rate as my backside did. And so came the evolution of the thong world. There was the G-string: Designed for minimal play, a typical G-string thong has an elastic string that bridges the front part of underwear to the waistband at rear. In a nutshell, it’s a triangular piece of cloth with string. I’d wear this for the majority of my 20’s. There is the C-STRING Thong: They make a huge ‘C’, thereby justifying the name. These thongs have stupefied the entire lingerie world by their innovative new concept! They cover only the intimate areas and do not include support waist-strings. However, they include a flexible internal frame that ensures that the apparel stays intact. Then lastly the Cheeky Thong, which seems funny because it feels like all my ill fitting underwear turn into these within the first hour. But If you want maximum thong coverage, then the ‘cheeky’ thong is for you. They cover a good part of the rear while still providing decent exposure to buttocks.

As the years progressed underwear got complicated. You no longer had to go to specialty lingerie stores to access all the fancy underwear as stores like La Senza and La Vie En Rose were introduced to Canada. Before that, Hanes offered a wide variety of the most unflattering underwear around that we would later call “Period Panties.” The kind that you could buy in bulk and didn’t care if Aunt Flo spilled her red wine all over. These were the gems you wouldn’t miss if you had to toss them in the Food Court Washroom Garbage as they had sopped up and prevented a total nightmare from being exposed.

Over the years, I’d consider every pair of panty that wasn’t a thong – Period Panties. The category grew to embrace new cuts like the Hipster, the Tanga, High/French Cut brief, Low Cut Bikini, and the Boy Short, which would allow Aunt Flo to hit you at any time when you were least expecting it. College was always fun when I’d pair my matching Cotton Striped Bra with some sporty Tanga’s, hit the Campus Bar, feeling cute in an Abercrombie Fitch kind of way. I’d be grinding it out on the dancefloor to Genuine’s “Pony” and feel the gush of hot Co-Ed hormonal moisture between my legs. After about 20 Broken Down Golf Cart Shots I’d say to myself “This boy was going to get the ride of his life.” So like every college girl in he early 2000’s, I’d need to go Calgon Spritz my entire body and undercarriage before we left to his smelly dormroom. First rule was that vagina should only smell of cotton candy or vanilla cupcakes, there was no connection to that and the chronic Yeast infections that would follow. I’d pinball through the crowd, drunkenly bouncing off people and throwing out the obligatory Canadian “Sorry” all the way. To my horror, it was not hormonal moisture, it was Aunt Flo, cockblocking again, subsequently losing another pair of panties to a public washroom garbage.

As the years have gone by, I not only have mastered how to track my cycle better, but I’ve mastered the art of underwear functionality. You see, underwear styles and designs are based on function for different types of clothing, so the right (or wrong one) can make or break an outfit. There’s a reason why the saying “Don’t get your panties in a bunch!” exists; ill-fitting underwear can seriously kill your mood. In my eyes the only thing worse than ill fitting panties is an ill fitting outfit that flaunts the bloat or the week long bender of Fast Food you ate.

Brace yourself for the Control Brief. Control briefs are like regular briefs, but with the added function of shapewear. This women’s underwear style creates a smooth silhouette around your abdomen. They sit high on the waist, just under the belly button with some styles going as high as under the breasts. I’d say that the control Brief has got to be panty in my drawer that is the heaviest on rotation. Spanx and Shapewear can be hot, and somewhat annoying to deal with not only ergonomically but not ideal in times of seduction. You can’t tell me that at one point in your life you didn’t do the shapewear peel off in a nightclub bathroom stall prior to exiting the club with your one night stand. I think I’ve gone as far as peeling it off in the passenger seat while whatever his name was ran into a 7-11 to get Condoms. I threw my Spanx right out that window- he was not going to catch me in all my shapewear deceit!

Now for every other day I love a good ol’ pair of seamless underwear. They are my workout undies and everything in between. Seamless underwear provide smoother-than-smooth coverage under Yoga Pants, joggers, or whatever pants you have on. They breathe well and sit nicely where you have left them last. My boyfriend once asked me why I bothered wearing underwear underneath my yoga pants when I work out. I am aware that I can go through underwear wardrobe changes upwards to to three times a day, but I do the laundry so why is he so pressed? I told him that Vagina’s need extra protection from the nasty man sweat left behind on the benches because who knows what’s lurking on them! In actuality, I double up because there is nothing more embarrassing than leaving a Big Ol’ Sweaty Twat Imprint for the next person to see. Underwear with good ventilation is key.

If you are as emotionally unregulated as me, your underwear drawer should be just as unpredictable. That being said mine is filled with hundreds of pretty lace panties, barely there, satin-bowed and crotchless that I swore I’d wear more. Or Maybe you are one of these people, and you rock them daily just not givin a F***, because you are either a size 2 or 15 years old. Life is so much easier for you folks isn’t it?

I can’t be alone in this conclusion guys? I’m 42 and if you are near my age you most definitely can relate to picking comfort over discomfort any day. Consequently, our confidence and wisdom has taught us that panties are not the gateways for seduction but merely a meaningless barrier when the time comes. Not to pour more salt on my 40 something year old wounds but my sex-capades allow for enough advance planning for some visual delight. Rest assure, I’m not throwing anymore Spanx away for no man, they are far to valuable and expensive to replace! With that being said, I do wonder sometimes who found my Spanx and what they said to themselves when they had to dispose of them. I can envision them looking at the the flesh colored pile that perhaps resembled a wrinkled up hairless cat lying naked and afraid on the pavement. Bending over they’d pick it up between their fingers or maybe used a stick to inspect it, wincing as they brought it closer to view.

I guess we’ll never know.

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and taking time to read my ridiculous stream of memories and thoughts! Please keep sharing, liking and commenting as I love hearing from the world around me and what your experiences are on the topics.

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