Meet the Broad Behind the Talez

The author hails from Calgary Alberta, Canada. Cece has a post secondary educational background in Multi-Media Law, Psychology, and Social Work (Child Welfare Specialization) Degree. She is a Registered Social Worker and has had a 15 year career within this capacity working primarily in Child Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation. You can count on her witty, relatable and approachable character to break down the highest walls, through her devotion to establishing a connection with those she comes in contact with.

What you can expect from her is an authentic and transparent array of interests, thoughts, opinions that are drawn from her daily life as well as from the world around her. Growing up she has lived all over the world, including Tanzania where she remains deeply connected to the culture and beliefs she absorbed. Her love of travel and ability to embrace lessons from all cultures and religions can be reflected in her world views of acceptance and learning through experiences. She shares with her audience those lessons and wisdom that she has encountered through her Relationships, Travels, and Crazy Talez of the Mischievous Adventure she craves so much.

She is a mother of a college student, a caregiver to her mother, and a part of a large spectrum of eclectic friend groups. She has a natural desire to stay fascinated and excited by new experiences, whereby you never know where you may see her next!

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