Spring Showers Bring Babes Who Wear Flowers: A Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2021 List of Must Haves

I don’t know about you all, but for this gal, it’s the time of year I indulgingly buy myself the gigantic bag of Cadbury Mini eggs and find some quiet corner where I can be left alone to eat them. How they faithfully fulfill my taste buds with their unwavering and familiar mixture of textures, both crunchy and creamy. The powerful sacchariferous flavor ignites a bouquet of cocoa and sweetened condensed milk that dulls the pangs of the sugar coated shells slicing into ones gum-line. The bag continues to seduce the senses until all is gone and your left sitting their with a tummy ache with no one to blame but yourself. Chasing the mini egg dragon can lead you into a diabetic coma if your not careful.

But for someone as visceral as myself, it is the pleasingly soothing collaboration of pastel colors that make holding them such a blissful experience. To watch them roll about in your hand as they begin to soften from the warmth, each shade starts to compliment the other so effortlessly. Their shape also hold such a disarming presence, and if you place them down, watch how they wobble their cherub like bodies.

What I wanted


VS. What I got


Nonetheless…my fingers now make me want to eat them.

But my admiration for all things Spring, colorful, and soft, don’t end with just the nails. I’ve come across so many beautiful and creative fashion and accessory pieces along the way. This spring one of my favorite fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana have launched a kaleidoscope of passionate prints and whimsical pieces that call my name.

Dolce & Gabbana- Spring/Summer 2021 Faves

Lets start with this Floral Appliqued Flower Headband- You can channel your inner Eva Perone in this easter bonnet!

Dolce & Gabbana appliquéd flower headband
Dolce & Gabbanaappliquéd flower headband

Quilted nappa leather Devotion mules
Quilted nappa leather Devotion mules C$1.410
Beautiful Life Collection
High-waisted patchwork jacquard and denim jeans
Long-sleeved chiffon top with camellia print
Zesty Lemon, sweet Orange, and exotic Pineapple: the Fruit Collection is a fresh and playful trio of eaux de toilettes. Each fragrance of the collection is focused on a singular fruit, yet composed of a complex blend of rare and carefully crafted essences. With its lively colours and vivid scents, the collection perfectly captures the effervescent vitality of a Mediterranean orchard in full bloom, bringing a contemporary vision to fruity fragrances. Sleek and streamlined with fruit-shaped caps: inspired by the motifs of Sicily’s renowned maiolica ceramics, the flacons are enriched with precious tops, turning the Fruit Collection fragrances into collectible pieces of art.
A Hybrid skincare-make up formula enriched with the Mediterranean Glow Complex, Gloriouskin illuminates, comforts and hydrates the skin for a healthy radiance that lasts all day. Its weightless, sensual texture comfortably protects the skin from pollution, oxidation and sun damage, offering medium buildable coverage. A nod to the luminous foundation within, Gloriouskin’s packaging features a luxurious design with delicate, ornamental touches of baroque gold decoration.
Designed for women who want a bright complexion that lasts all day.
– Extra-sensorial weightless creamy texture and care-infused formula
– Mediterranean Glow Complex that hydrates, cares and perfects the skin
– Ultimate comfort
– 8 hours hydration and all-day healthy radiance
– Skin protected from pollution, oxidation and sun damages
Dolce&Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick offers intense colour with rich moisture for long-lasting seductive lips. Embrace your mood with an array of feminine shades, from delicate nudes to vibrant reds.
Created for the woman desiring long-lasting lip colour in a wide palette of shades.
– Long-lasting lip colour
– Rich moisturizers and intense pigments retain moisture without feeling oily
– Delicately scented with Dolce&Gabbana’s signature powdery rose fragrance
– Available in an array of colours, from vibrant reds to delicate nudes and soft pinks

Special Mention to the Khaled x Khaled Collection- Its Absolute Fire!



☁️ Spoiled Princess ☁️ | Spoiled quotes, Quotes, Queen quotes

Let me begin with saying that this Chica misses getting dressed for the office as I have been a part of the millions who are now working from home for the most part. While my job still requires me to leave my home, it often doesn’t make much sense to carry out the full routine for only a short period of the day. Getting dressed up now is often coupled with comments from my boyfriend suggesting I either have a hot date or I’m meeting the girls for happy hour.

This is a comical considering neither have happened in far too long. *Ahem*

I am long over the initial online shopping frenzy of the early pandemic days when I had imagined coming out of the pandemic lockdown and sporting a new #ootd every day of the week in celebration of re-entering society. Those dreams are long gone, washed away along with the 28 inch waistline I intended to have by the end of the summer. As I sit here eating Nutella from a spoon wearing my boyfriends oversized Alabama Crimson Tide Sweater, paired with Monday’s Yoga Pants my sadness deepens. And not because my waistline isn’t 28 inches but rather 34 inches, but because the outfit does not reflect my creativity and personal style when it comes to expressing myself through fashion. I wish I could be as forgiving as the stretch in my Yoga Pants on the matter, but I simply cannot take this laying down any further.

Literally I cannot…I have bruised ribs from a Snowboarding Fall. Laying down hurts. And so does breathing.

This cracks me up and I'm thinking I will wear comfy clothes 24/7 now. Lol

I had intended on photographing more of my #ootd and I think we can call agree Yoga Pants will not cut it. I continue to watch and admire Instagram Feeds and admire the flow of beautiful content being produced and wonder how are you all staying so motivated? It often makes me feel like I’m living in parallel universe and I’m on the side of the fence where everything is going to shit. I’m not travelling anywhere in which would provide opportunities for exotic photo ops, and frolicking down a cute cobble stone road whimsically holding a basket of fresh flowers. There are no glamorous nights out capturing me in all my glory popping the Champagne; my perfectly outlined Chanel Red Lips beaming with Dom kissed elation. It’s Winter here in Calgary where I’d typically be sporting some beautiful knee high boots with rich sweater dresses and holiday sparkled ensembles. But things just aren’t happening in my world that would even warrant the kind of effort I typically have applied in the past to a Wine Wednesday evening out. In addition we as a Province just entered a State of Health Emergency so I’m really not going anywhere.

But I still managed on Sunday to get back into the habit of planning my outfits for my work week. This is something I used to do habitually which I feel has often made my life so much easier. There are so many benefits to laying out your outfits ahead of time.

No description available.
No description available.
  1. You get to sleep longer since you don’t have to mess about trying to find or put together an outfit. Who doesn’t love an extra 15-20 minutes of beauty sleep. Pre-planning outfits means you don’t have to think about what to wear after the alarm rings.
  2. You avoid Outfit Blunder Frustration that creates “Morning Stress”- Ever start your day upset because you cant find something to wear, cutting into your ability to stop at Starbucks drive thru. It just spirals down-hill from here. Why do another task in the morning when there is already so much to do? It can be a mad scramble getting you and your family out the door as it is. Don’t spend precious moments reconsidering what goes together, what is appropriate for the day’s activities and what is clean. Why empty your closet as you toss things about, trying to find where you put that nude-for-you camisole, or those shoes you thought you put in the bin under your bed? Alternatively, if you gather all the parts of your outfit the night before, you reduce that morning craziness.
  3. You Get Noticed-When you are well put together people appreciate the efforts you take. Confidence can be contagious. When you can put what you are wearing at the back of your mind, you feel happier about your clothes. If you are not irritated by the clothes you yanked on at the last minute, unhappy with the forced, early morning decisions you had to make, you will be more content with the clothing you already own. Stylish people look put-together. It’s easier to look put-together when you’ve spent some time and thought putting an outfit together. If increasing your stylishness is your goal, outfit planning is a sure-fire way to get there.
  4. You are more likely to wear things in your closet that have been tucked away gathering dust. Generally, we have a tendency to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This seems like a bit of a waste of clothes, dollars and closet space. Make a plan to figure out how to wear those items that you never seem to wear. Put your closet to work for you. You are less likely to feel like you have nothing to wear if you spend a few extra minutes building an outfit around some of the clothing items you haven’t been wearing.
  5. When you have a visual reminder of what you have you are far less likely to shop for things you already have, and saving your money!
  6. Finding new ways to wear things in your wardrobe can be so fun and provide you hours of music fueled entertainment during a time that we are spending much more time at home.
  7. Advertising your gift of style in your personal life as well as via social media could lead to side jobs like being a personal shopper, stylist, or closet consultant.
  8. Going through your closet allows you to get rid of stuff that is ready for donation and no longer serves purpose taking up space in your closet. As Marie Kondo would say “By acknowledging their contribution and letting them go with gratitude, you will be able to truly put the things you own, and your life, in order.”

Above I have what I’d call a Casual Friday Outfit that’s ready for the Happy Hour Girls that keep it going long after Happy Hour is done. I like that you can either strip the blouse and wear the body suit with some high waisted booty hugging jeans, or strip the body suit and wear a sexy black bra under the floral blouse for an equally seductive look.

Above I can mix and match jackets, tops, pants and shoes. I’m in love with a Chanel inspired look that again can shed layers interchangeably.

Tips on How to Make It Happen

  • When you are putting together an outfit, think about using a completer piece. Pick out the completer piece first and build the outfit around it.
  • Some will pick out their shoes first and build the outfit around them. Shoes do a great job of setting the tone for what you will wear. Also, shoes are one closet item that bring a lot of people closet joy.
  • If you plan your outfit ahead, you are more likely to wear accessories. Accessories go a long way to looking stylishly put-together. Accessories are like the icing on the cake. It’s hard to ice a cake when you’re eating bites of breakfast in between blowdrying and demands to sign permission forms.

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Hello, My Name is Cece and I am a HomeSense Addict: The First Step is to Admit You Have an Addiction to Home Decor

HomeSense Doormat image 0

I called one of my girlfriends up this weekend and said “Wanna Go Hit the HomeSense Stroll Saturday?” It’s the kind of offer invite every Basic Bitch across the Western Continents wait for; yearning for its majestic aisles of wonder. It’s the place where one goes not knowing what they want, and consequently a place one leaves knowing they can’t live life without it. It really is a “stroll” in all explicit senses of the term, as I’d sell my soul for that adorable unique Shabby Chic Hutch that would be perfect in my dining room.

So not surprisingly, my girlfriend Angela was more than enthusiastic at the opportunity to chase the proverbial dragon and dance with the Devil of Home Decor. We in fact are not the only feigns for this kind of self indulgence. I’ve often found hand written lists discarded in the cart baskets as if they were a testament of good intentions gone array.

Use Grocery List to Save Time, Eat Healthier! | UNL Food

I scoff as I read out “Towels” And think to myself “Oh Honey, You came for just Towels, the same way some of us go to Home Depot Mid-week looking for a good solid Hammer.

I’d put money on it that she left with a charming 3 ft. ceramic dancing monkey, a gift set of assorted pasta, hot pink throw pillows that have laughing Llamas on them, a scatter rug, and a partridge in a pear tree…but like…literally.

As things escalate, I imagine there was the familiar mantra many of us share circulating in her brain, “It will look perfect in that one corner of the bathroom that currently is the last space available for yet, another Knick Knack.

Wild, Weird and Wonderful Porcelain Sculptures by Johnson Tsang – if it's  hip, it's here
“I need this in my life”- Said Not Person outside the context of HomeSense.

So Saturday rolled around, and I sprung out of my bed with the kind of purpose I wish I could repeat at 7:30 am Monday through Friday. I through on the best Basic Suburbs Bitch outfit I had- as in whatever was staring at me first. I already had it in my mind that a Pistachio Latte was going to be the first stop enroute, and if I timed it right, I could make it three quarters the way through my venti triple shot latte by the time those doors slid open to me. Fueling the body is key for this level of elite shopping.

Pin on anti

I had a triple dose of excitement when I arrived finally. There was no line up to get in, my girlfriend who I had not seen in months threw me a distance hug, and the espresso was kicking in at high gear.

As in I blended in with every other Basic Betty in there, I floated anonymously in the sea of indistinguishable Robots; picking up, touching, putting in cart, discarding, going back, putting it back in, then replacing it with something even better. And while I did not have a paper list, I did have Alexa curate one for my handheld device, whereby Alexa was asked the following:

What I Went in For:


Bedroom Art

HomeSense teams up with décor expert Michael Penney: Retail news | The Star


Bathroom Rug

2 Bathroom Rugs

What I walked out with:

2 Pendant Lights

2 Shelves

2 Handcrafted in India Wood Letters

1 Giant Lindt Chocolate Bar

1 Shadow Box Art

2 Massive Canvas Art for Living Room.

0 Towels

I was a lamb to the slaughter as its Lavish Home Décor tentacles sunk into me . As I hit the first aisle, then doubled back to the far corner, pinballing between directions, I recognized I had made a terrible error. I had forgotten to take my Vyvanse, the one thing in life necessary to keep me in line, organized, and on task. This caused pure chaos in my already overly stimulated brain and I knew I was a goner at this point. Or maybe it was my overflowing cart? Or the moment the greeter saw me leave with my loot validating me with a farewell “Looks like you did well!”

Total time from start to finish- 1.5 hours.12`w2q And I loved every damn minute of it. I came across this quote that I believe is fitting, however recognize that Ol’ Ralphy had more poignant circumstances in mind when he wrote this.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

There was a definite trail left behind that day…a trail of impulse buys.

But Alas, look at my new little toilet room that once was a baron land of drab wall space, now adorned with the treasure trove of my labors. I even used a Level for the first time to hang it…Adulting AF!

Every Throne Needs a Monogram & Back up Bum Tickets

Special Shout Out to the Gifted Art Work my Friend April gave me by Sophia Brown– Tattoo Artist at Electric Odyssey in Calgary Alberta.

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My Top 9 Winter Boot Wishlist: Style + Warmth is a Sure True North Win!

Winter Footwear is probably the most practical investment you could make if you live in Frigid Winter Climate like myself. And if you are one of those folks who willingly vacation to places like where I live (Rocky Mountains/Banff/Lake Louise) then you will definitely thank me later. Winter here in these parts, you can get away with a far more casual look as life doesn’t miss a beat here despite the minus temperature. So I’ve included some of the boots I have been eyeing for my new Winter boot purchase where style needs not to be left behind in the fall and summer months.

Flashtrek GG ankle boots $1168.00
MOON BOOT Monaco faux fur-trimmed $276.00 CAN
MONCLER Florine suede and shearling snow boots
$756.00 CAN
UGG Adirondack III Tall Boot $370.00 CAD
CHLOÉ Betty shearling and leather-trimmed rubber ankle boots CA$539