“I like my Martini like I Like My Men- Hot, Stiff, and Easy to Swallow: The Making of a T-Shirt Line, Loosely Based on Things I Say When I’m Drunk.

Back in my heavy party girl days, you couldn’t fathom that crazy things that would come out my mouth. But I recall my cousin and I saying some particularly brilliant things that we felt were worthy of getting onto T-Shirt or Two. One of our favorites was “Punch Him in The Dick.” This phrase would find itself being bellowed from the stands of a hockey game, maybe down a hotel hallways at 2 am in Las Vegas, and most notably on a BLM Protest Sign with the words “Punch Racism in the Dick.” If that wasn’t enough, the heinous hand drawn penis getting knocked out really drove home the message in our minds. Unfortunately, like many brilliant drunk ideas, our T-Shirt Empire idea fell flat on its face, never to be remembered again.

While years have passes since I have had any good content based on my sauced up escapades, I d have some examples of what I may have said on a few occasions. Perhaps they are T-Shirt Worthy, or perhaps they should have went down the gutter with the Butter Chicken that didn’t mix well with the 10 Cosmos I downed.

Alas, The Pret-A-Porter Cece D, Professional Drinker Athleisure Line.

Let Me know if I’m onto some thing.I’m pretty sure I could do some field research for old times sake, you know to get some really good material! Cheers!

Organizing Spaces for the ADHD Mind: How to Optimize Your Wellness

Spring is time where I utilize the surge of energy that typically comes about during this time of year where the signs of Winter have begun to dissipate. It’s also the time where I tend to purge and tackle the corners and baskets of things I have acquired over the months, which can be significant as a busy career woman who just so happens to be diagnosed with adult ADHD.

Home organization is a skill that can be learned by anyone at any time, however it took years for me to understand its purpose in my life outside the of the obvious benefits of a well organized home. Sure, its great to know where to find things, and lets not forget the aesthetics of it all where people have capitalized on it like The Gals of Home Edit who had a YouTube Series thanks to Reese Witherspoon.

Check Out Other Series: 9 Shows That Will Help You Be More Organized

And while these are popular I often feel like its easier said than done if you don’t have an ADD/ADHD mind. You see ADHD is a spectrum disorder that manifests through the eight executive processes of the brain:

  1. flexible thinking
  2. working memory
  3. self-monitoring
  4. task initiation
  5. planning
  6. organization
  7. impulse control
  8. and emotional control.

Basically, the executive functions of the brain help you plan, organize, and complete tasks.

If you have ADHD, and are trying to organize your home, it’s likely that you are struggling with one (or more) of these executive functions, which makes home organization especially challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. These processes at any point in my day are activated, and consequently working to grab hold of the the reigns, often switching direction. at the drop of a hat

So not only is it important that I nurture good habits such as scheduling my days; often down to minute detail in order to stay productive and on top of things, I also need the order visually to get it all done. But there are only so many hours in the day, and lets not forget we need to allow time to live and have a good time. This was mentioned in Attitude Magazine-Inside the ADHD MIND, where JUDITH KOLBERG suggests to Ditch perfectionism when organizing one’s home.

Judith states “I have not researched the link between perfectionism and ADHD, but I have seen it many times. Perfectionism appears to exacerbate executive function deficits. If I have two clients with the same ADHD symptoms, and one is a perfectionist, it is harder for the perfectionist to get organized. Start a project with the understanding that perfection is not the goal, progress is.”

While I am guilty of getting fairly hyper-focused on a task at hand, the fruits of those tasks can help to decrease the anxiety that comes along with feeling flustered or chaotic in my brain. This is not true for all as everyone is different, and perhaps do better with an entirely different strategy to mitigate the spiraling that can occur in our busy minds.

For myself mornings are particularly important as I need to physically and mentally set the tone for the course of my crazy day in the world of Child Protection Social Work. At any point in my day, it can take a drastic turn, whether I have a pile of new assignments, an emergency apprehension, court appearance, or stuck in a snow bank on the side of rural road with no cell service. So if at 7am my blood pressure soars through the roof because I can’t find that one pair of pants that goes with the boots that I’ve already decided upon were going to make me the Boss Ass Bitch I need to be that day. It could be, and has been my unravelling all before I’ve even managed to eat my Cheerios.

This weekend I planned on Working Out, Cooking a Good Meal, Going to Home Depot, Fencing in My Garden Beds, Taking the Dog for a Walk, Maybe See a Friend, and Planting my Herb Garden. Oh…and Write a Blog. What I actually did was a mish mash of a few of these things, some half done, as new shinier options presented themselves. Who knew all it would take was the need to make more space under my sink for my dollar store haul. And if wasn’t for the repeated explosion of make up sponges, costco size q-tips, and every self tanning bronzer known to man under there falling out, I’d think it was time for a purge.

So as I added more stuff to my hidden stock pile lair, it was a reminder that if I can’t see it, I think I need it, and often forget I already have it most likely by the dozen. Let me remind you that the ADHD mind is forgetful as all hell, so its no wonder I forgot the treasures that were unearthed. It felt like Christmas again, in fact much of my Christmas stocking stuffers were still in there unopened and neglected. As I mentioned before, having things in front of me in a way that corresponds with the sequences in my mind makes things more streamlined.

Lets start with a couple spaces I tackled today, and see if you can relate!


  1. Dump it all out & Clean Them– Not only will they look better once you put them back, but think about the oils, bacteria, and just overall grime that build up on items that get tossed in your purse often. I know my lids get the gucked up mess on them, random hair, sand, and lord knows what else caked at the base of the lids. Don’t be that person that grows a knew mutant strain of mouth herpes on their lip gloss.
  2. Clean Your Brushes– I know we shouldn’t be having this discussion by now but besides bacteria, brushes also accumulate dead skin cells and oil, which can clog your pores and lead to dull or broken out skin. Clean brushes apply makeup better. Even the best makeup can become streaky and patchy when applied with a dirty brushClean bristles will assure a smoother application.
  3. Proper Cosmetic Storage/Organizers– While you are on a disinfecting streak by now don’t forget to Clean Your Storage/Acrylic Cases too, and perhaps you need more if you find your stuff overflowing. I like to not only organize my cosmetics by type but also by size as to ensure I can fully see all that I have available to me. This is important again for the ADHD mind like mine as I forget often what I have unless it is directly in front of me. Some may say, why have to many options then, and I say MInd Your Business.
  4. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use– This goes for samples, palettes with obnoxious colors that may work for a YouTuber or Make-Up Artist. But if you are like myself, I stick to a pretty basic look, and stay in my lane when it comes to being adventurous with make up and my limited talents. That’s not to say others won’t love some of those impulse buys (another ADHD trait). I’m an Ipsy Subsrciber who has somehow not been able to figure out how to cancel my subscription for two years. Which has left me with an abundance of small make up bags that I like to fill with the make up I don’t use, or didn’t like. Once cleaned/disinfected they make great little gifts for the teens I work with, or alternatively cool donations for Women’s Shelters, Trans-gendered Programming, or Outreach Centers.
Final Product

Closet SPace

  1. Switch Out Seasonal Items– I personally do not have a Kardashian Sized Closet Space, however my shopping habits would suggest otherwise. Which is why its even more important to make room and space in my closet to reacquaint myself with the Spring/Summer Clothing I have before I decide to go buy more. It also helps me get rid of stuff too that perhaps is on its last days, or has seen brighter days. I may have been too distracted to notice a stain on it when it went into hibernation or a hole that needed mending. So when one is reacqainted again we can assess its current status as in Keep, Donate, or Toss.
  2. Assess What Basics You Are Missing -These are the core element of almost every outfit, and because they get worn a lot, prepare your wardrobe with your fave go to’s like my personal favorite, the Alix NYC Essex Bodysuit in a few essential colors. You can stack an outfit on top of these staple items whereby I’m often using my busy mind as I shower to organize the next step of my morning.
  3. Color Wheel Your Clothing/Accessories– Maybe its from all the years of working in retail, but there is an element of pleasure attached with the synchronization of colors. Much how we respond fondly to a rainbow when we see it in the sky, I get the same Dopamine response to rainbow in my closet. Not only that, but when I need a black shirt, my visual orientation isn’t pulled in 20 different directions. My ability to make a decision is made much more simpler when I can see what it is I’m looking for in that moment before it may be pulled in another direction that could very well turn into a pile of clothes on the middle of my floor and a layer of stress sweat forming under my boobs.

Hopefully you found this helpful, or at least relatable- You are not alone in that crazy head of yours. If you liked this post make sure you like, comment and share!

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9 Unconventional Ways You Can Be a Charcuterie Master that People Will Love You For

If I could have one wish it would be for all my meals to sustain a level of savory and sweet choices that have an infinite array of combinations. And if you have ever hovered over the meat and cheese platters as I have at most social engagements, you could appreciate the delight when the Maple Mustard pairs beautifully with the Cured Rabbit Sausage. It is not only the array of flavors that is appealing to the senses, but the vibrant variation of colors and textures.

Charcuterie boards, or let’s simply call it charcuterie, is not a new thing. They have been around for hundreds of years. It’s only until recently that America has got caught up in the trend.

Before we get to the here and now, here’s a little bit of a history lesson. Charcuterie is derived from the French words for flesh (chair) and cooked (cuit). The word was used to describe shops in 15th century France that sold products that were made from pork, including the pig’s internal organs. However, the practice of salting and smoking meats to preserve them dates back about 6,000 years to ancient Rome. Charcuterie is rooted in the belief that nothing from the animal should be wasted; not even the heart, lungs, kidneys, fat, or brain.

But lets look beyond the meats and cheeses for a quick minute and consider alternatives.

Whether you are dining, entertaining, or cuddled up on the couch for a night in these Charcuterie alternatives will most definitely not disappoint!

1. Dessert Charcuterie

Dessert Charcuterie Board {How-To Guide}| Favorite Family Recipes

You can apply whatever holiday theme you like with this idea! Whether its a Valentines, Easter, or you are need of an Ice Cream Sundae extravaganza-the options are limitless!

2 Hot Chocolate Charcuterie

Recipes, Menus, Food & Wine | Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Boards Are a Thing, and  They're Filled With Marshmallows, Cookies, and More | POPSUGAR Food

No matter how old you are, this board will be sure to bring the brightest of smiles to the coldest of hearts. Pro Tip: Add some flavored liqueur shots like Bailey’s Red Velvet Cake, or Kahlua and let the good times roll!

3.Breakfast in Bed Charcuterie

11 Gift Ideas for a Date Night At Home

Probably my hands down favorite as breakfast is my personal cup of tea- especially when it looks like this! You won’t want to skip this meal of the day. If your a total genius, serve this as a Breakfast for Dinner option as well.

4.Hot Diggity Dog Charcuterie

Creative Party Platters That Are Better Than Charcuterie Boards - Forkly

Bring the Ball Park Nostalgia to your backyard this summer. Hot Dogs can be as gourmet as you desire with an assortment of Honey Garlic, Chorizo, or Smoked Cheddar Smokies.

5.Grilled Veggie Charcuterie

Epic Grilled Veggie Platter – healthyGFfamily.com

Charcuterie doesn’t always mean heavy on the salts and fats-Grilled Veggies can be marinated and seasoned in so many ways that provide you with the same variations of flavors that any traditional board can offer.

6.Wing Night Charcuturie

Hot Wing Board - Your Next Superbowl Food Idea! | Kelley Nan

Wing Wednesdays never looked this appetizing. Take a classic pub food favorite and put your own twist on it in the comfort of your own home. Go ahead, lick those fingers and spill that hot sauce on yourself, there’s no one there to judge!

7. Seafood Charcuterie

How To Make A Fresh Seacuterie Board • Tasty Recipes - YouTube

Such a perfect option for a romantic beach picnic or brunch at home with close friends. Serve your oysters with a little red wine vinegar and shallots, or opt for rock salt and lemon? There is no wrong combination with these choices.

Pickle Lovers UNite Charcuterie

How to Build a Pickle Board | Tasting Table

There will be no sour faces despite this pickle platter party. As an alternative take your pickle platter to the next level with some Asian inspired pickled delights like Kimchi and Oi Muchim.

9. Chip TruCk TRAY CHarcuterie

Check Out These Unconventional Charcuterie Boards | SheSpeaks

This savory buffet of carbohydrate delights would be anyone’s late night munchie dream. But with a little bit of prep your dream can come true with the flick of an oven switch and raiding the condiment shelves of your refrigerator.

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Peace, Love, and Bud Light-When Spirituality Feels too much like a hashtag in real life.

Good news about the 'spiritual but not religious' – CNN Belief Blog -  CNN.com Blogs

I am not one of many talents, but the gift of sniffing out the bullshit has got to be one of them. It isn’t one that I particularly like to tap into outside of my work hours, perhaps that’s why I surround myself with some pretty straight shooters. If I was to pay attention to it in every circumstance whereby a waft of B.S. tickled my nose hairs, I’d probably not have one soul left to have a mindless champagne fueled brunch with. Because let’s face it, Sunday Brunch holds no place for Existential or Nihilist Theory debates. Sundays in my world are for hangover sex and bed picnics sponsored by Skip the Dishes, and 3 hour long naps. These are the things that heals my soul in a lot of ways, and I’m not afraid to say it. Healing of the soul does not always require a profound sense of awakening, often the first steps need to begin with being real with ourselves. You may have read my menu for healing as face value, but for me it’s so much deeper. The hangover I spoke of was merely a side effect for the gut wrenching laughter my soul needed while spending time with the people I love. The nourishment I put in my body was my way of saying to myself, eat that burger, you busted your ass all week and I feel good in my skin. The nakedness, sex, and naps I enjoy so much blesses my skin with the touch it needs to soothe and prepare to waken itself for the week ahead. All of this feeds my soul without needing to culturally appropriate a tattoo out of it. And if I had to, I’d tattoo my wrist in bold hard English Acronym “S.T.D. 4 Life.”-Wouldn’t that be conversation starter!

When People Tell Me Their Spiritual, I ask for Specifics-Because Demons are Spiritual AF too.

But I feel like I have a bone to pick as I have come to believe that being authentic and open about our realities and what we do to connect with our spiritual selves feels more like a trending hashtag. I would consider myself relatively intellectual but struggle to follow for the most part what is trying to be communicated in the messages or images they are portraying of themselves. Many would suggest that to find healing, spirituality, and connectedness to mother earth requires $3500.00 deposit & a ticket to Bali. The ability to boast carefully poised images taken during sacred water ceremonies that seem to be reserved for the privileged while preaching a sense of inclusivity and love for mankind. I’m guessing this love gets lost with all the other airline baggage that gets checked in, never surfacing again.

Appropriating spirituality and religious practices however is not a new thing. I mean before Cartier Love bracelets or Yeezys, there was a time you couldn’t open an Us Weekly without seeing one covetable accessory: a red string Kabbalah bracelet. The religion was the celebrity spiritual moment du jour during the 2000s, and everyone from Madonna to Ashton Kutcher to Lindsay Lohan dabbled in the mystical religion. But in the decade since its heyday, the spiritual movement has all but faded from the forefront of popular culture, suffering major blows along the way.

And like most luxury fashion trends, a lot of what happens in the name of spirituality has been built on a foundation of rareness, specialness, or gifts. To flaunt it is to beckon the masses in showing them that you are above many who cannot always attain such a rare place in the societal spotlight. However there are ways around this, one can purchase an AAA+ replica bag and carry the same level of perceived stature. The only way you could really tell one from the other is if you spent the time, looking over it thoroughly, observing its fine craftsmanship, and its delicate stitching. And to do so, they’d have to let you in…like really let you in there. Same goes for the spiritual mind- it has to be open to be vulnerable to critique, feedback and exploration. I feel like this all truly gives the wrong message for those that are trusting in those to help in guiding their own journey to feel connected and a part of a much larger and beautiful world.

Even if we talk in the language that everybody has the capacity to open to their intuition, we still are privileged in this idea that some people have it more naturally and innately than others. So we’re still creating the idea that there are some people who are more entitled to have access to our intuitive intelligence and applied intuition than others. The reason we’ve got that kind of culture in spirituality is that there is a power differential. If someone who you think has more power than you, you are more likely to go and invest your time in them. 

 “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Dalai Lama

Similar to the guru culture, these social circle climbers, influencers, superficial spiritualists have harvested the same self-serving tactics. That being the idea that we have to go and sit at the foot of someone who holds more of the God-consciousness, more of that infinite special magic inside of them than we do.  That somehow, we will be infected or impregnated with that energy. The guru culture is coming to an end globally because it is a problem. It’s an abuse of power and those systems of power are coming down. There are a number of high-profile white spiritual leaders who are being brought in to question their integrity and authenticity. The whole system is being questioned and we’re talking about political systems and economic systems. Anywhere there has been the subjugation of power, where someone’s power has been based on taking power from somewhere else.

You don’t have to be in the wellness industry to point these bigger than life trending #inspo conformists out. How about a social worker like myself whereby I’m often on a quest to be viewed as a leader, as someone that has their shit together, or is just so damn spiritual that no darkness is likely to touch our sides.

But it’s not as bad as it sounds; in fact, it often starts with the best of intentions, but the rubber really hits the road when the public perception of our good self is compromised.

There has been a few things I’ve learned along the way that have kept me rooted in the ‘Real Me” within this journey.

You don’t have to be woo woo to be spiritual. The number of people in my life that think that charging their crystals and practicing affirmations will suffice when it comes to transcending tricky situations is endemic.

And hey, having a focused intention is everything, right? But consistent action is what gets results.

And whether that action is framed with feathers and incantations or weekly gym sessions doesn’t really matter. Some of the most profoundly spiritual people I know have never done a day of yoga in their life and they wouldn’t even know what a cacao ceremony entails, much less have a clue what Ayahuasca even means.

Their spirituality lies in their capacity to be deeply authentic and accountable


Spiritual people forgive and forget

They most certainly do. Know what else they do? They heal the messiness that comes up along the way. After all, doesn’t a lotus flower bloom from dirty murky waters only to emerge for brief periods of time each year?

Forgiveness is a process. It’s a journey. For big pains and betrayals, forgiving a particular trigger doesn’t just happen once, it happens each time that trigger ignites a fresh spark of pain.

I mean be honest, how many times have you had a fight with your partner about the same thing over and over? Isn’t it amazing how certain actions will resurface bitterly even after many years have passed?

It’s another layer that needs forgiving, because ultimately, to forgive someone is to heal a part of yourself, and in order to heal deeply, we give our spirit an opportunity to transform each time we release ourselves from a painful encounter.

In order for our nervous system to be able to do this in a way that doesn’t overload or overwhelm us, we need to be able to do this in meaningful increments that are based on our real truth – not on what people expect us to be like.

But don’t spiritual people share their journeys so openly?

 Dear God. No.

Needy people that require external validation and constant attention do this.

I know this myself as I un-follow or unsubscribe from those who I feel share too much of their personal lives and unfiltered thoughts.

Knowing what someone had for breakfast, reading about a parking fine or documenting their toddler’s first potty experience makes me want to smack them.

Incessant ranting doesn’t really inspire me to learn about spirituality as I’m no longer at the stage in my life where I want to feel as though I’ve been called to the principal’s office where I need to make myself accountable for my behaviour. Goodness knows that happened enough in high school.

People with a deep connection to their spirit have a way of inspiring us to be spiritual through their grace, their lightheartedness and through the sharing of their lessons once they’ve moved through a tricky transition.

They talk about the tragedy when it’s less raw and when the lessons have had time to be processed and embodied.

What about the old ‘fake it til you make it’?

It’s an excellent piece of advice. I did it for years, and when it comes to taking on opportunities where I’m doing something new for the first time, it’s a practice I apply to this day.

And between you and me, I have done this during particularly thorny rites of passage in my personal life when I’ve externally projected that I was more ok about something while I was internally processing a lot of pain.

After all, I don’t know about you, but for a sensitive empathetic soul like me, the first time I do anything new, it almost always takes a lot more physical, emotional and mental energy than when I’m in my flow.

And the more sensitive I’ve become over the years, the more I have realised that new things are actually big things that really affect my spirit, and I need to accommodate for this when it comes to my time management and work flow.

For the less tangible elements of our life that cannot be seen but can certainly be felt, we fake it til we make it with things such as the art of patience, or we take responsibility for the role we played in the situation that rendered us hurt or upset.

Being honest about heavy experiences doesn’t make you un-spiritual.

One of my yoga teachers would often say that getting to enlightenment is easy, it’s staying there that’s tricky, after all isn’t there a Ram Dass quote that’s now prolific on Instagram that suggests if you think you’re enlightened, you should try spending a week with your family?

Some of my peers have shared how difficult it has been for them to talk about personal pain that was not only raw and traumatizing, but also bought up deep seated feelings of shame.

A few of my friends have experienced some prolific incidents such as having their spouse of many years leave them for another partner, having their child battle serious drug addiction, or having to declare themselves bankrupt.

But I have to say; I learned so much from the few that moved through these difficult times with honesty, grace and humility instead of a superficial sense of spirituality.

To this day, I admire the integrity of their actions, not only because of how much I was able to learn about the world through the lens of their life experiences, but more so because by being authentic, it’s given me permission to do the same in my own lifecycles.

It’s like a light has illuminated and paved the way for me to move forward with my own truth, and while my own path may veer in a different direction further down the track, it’s reassuring to know that I didn’t have to move forward in complete darkness.

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Namaste Y’all.

Game Night Series: Never Have I Ever with The Broad from TalezFromaBroad.Ca

50 never have I ever questions - Best never have I ever questions

I can honestly say I spent a good majority of my 30’s saying Yes to as much as I possibly could. I obviously took into consideration some parameters with that being said, as I’m not a complete degenerate and was not void of actual adult responsibilities. Setting out to take on the World of Yes, was a conscious decision with a simple but heavy goal in mind. I wanted to ensure that when I came to the end of my life, I would have as little regrets as possible. I think we all can agree that there are always going to be some, but mine wouldn’t be from lack of trying. I envisioned having a lengthy highlight reel that would give me a gift basket of delightful memories that I could share in the dining room of whatever retirement home that my child abandoned me at. I imagine that while we would all be seated around the dinner table, gumming our pot pies, I’d finally realize my comedic dream. I would want to make them laugh until they’d take their last breath or mine. I anticipate that when the moment finally arrives I’d come gun cocked to blow away the cute nurse aids with my risqué tales of the past. They’ll sit their in dismay as I charm my way into their hearts so that I can earn extra ice cream cups. That’s actually how my dad passed away; holding a popsicle. We like our ice cream, and will get it at any cost.

Blanche Devereaux Quotes. QuotesGram

You may ask, so where am I at now with journey through Yes-dom….I’m Exhausted. Legitimately so pooped and to be quite frank, bored with the idea of tackling anymore hedonistic and mischievous pleasures. I recognize that good memories are not just based in naughty behavior, but I’ll tell you most good stories are! Often my girlfriends would be leaned in for hours, elbows up, lips pursed and nursing their craft cocktails over some over exaggerated and highly dramatized versions of my weekend exploits.

I can’t help but grieve the parts of me that I have left behind from that era. The parts of me that were so very whimsical and inconsequential. I carried an air of disregard for opinions, carefree from the chains of judgment; confident in my decisions and who I was. It was a bigger than life character, based on this bigger than life personality that was fighting to break free from the monotony of important roles I had as a mother and in my career. I’ve always been beguiled by pushing those boundaries that we become comfortable in or strive to work within. Embracing my own womanhood over the last 2 decades I’ve admittedly been unkind to myself when I have not been able to fit into the societal cookie cutter molds. Through self expression and actualizing self love, I quickly learned to make my own mold as unique and un-uniform as my personality. Molds should be malleable, transformative, and progressive in the same we are, developing in our lives.

But with that being said I’m not against taking on a few more YES moments, in fact time is ticking! When time is of the essence one must look at things far more pragmatically. I realize that in spending so much more time in the predictability of my home setting that opportunities will no longer just fall in my lap. In the desolate abyss of my home-life equipped now with a meditation corner and a crafting table I’m at a loss creatively as to what deviance lays ahead of me. Perhaps the crafting table could be turned into 50 shades of gray bondage slab…just beware of the glitter glue!

I’ve decided to tackle it from a more guided approach, that being a little game of Never Have I Ever with myself. So if I have Never; then I will add it to the list!

“Never Have I Ever” Questions

  1. Never have I ever sent someone a naughty pic- Who hasn’t?
  2. Never have I ever slept in the buff.-Everynight, accept in Winter becuase my boyfriend likes to sleep with the Fan and Window Open. Its Pajamas or Frostbite.
  3. Never have I ever received a lap dance. -Lots, in fact my least favorite was the one I got for my bachelorette party in Las Vegas. I think his name was Rick Steele…and he offered me to pay him more for the XXX version. I declined.
  4. Never have I ever given a lap dance.-Yes, and I’m not good at it. I’m usually horribly drunk and have fallen over on multiple occasions.
  5. Never have I ever taken a sexy selfie.-Seriously?
  6. Never have I ever had a friends with benefits.-Thats what we call Dating Apps, minus the friend part…I’d just call it Benefits.
  7. Never have I ever kissed a stranger.- Define Stranger? Aren’t we all strangers at first.
  8. Never have I ever flashed someone.- Definitely flashed a few body parts in my time.
  9. Never have I ever had a threesome.-This has occurred- Sorry mom
  10. Never have I ever role played.- I cant say that I have actually role played…well that is
  11. Never have I ever been skinny dipping.- It started in high school and never stopped, the best feeling ever to be naked in water that isn’t a bath tub.
  12. Never have I ever been caught looking at something naughty- I have not!!!
  13. Never have I ever made out with someone of the same sex. *eye roll*
  14. Never have I ever sexted.*YAWN *
  15. Never have I ever flirted with a teacher. *Nope…maybe a coach? My school didnt really have any hot babe teachers
  16. Never have I ever been to a nude beach. * I’ve been to two, one at night for a beach party and no one was there, another no one was there and the beach was rocky with no sun so I left.
  17. Never have I ever watched porn. -Not much lately.
  18. Never have I ever had a crush on a coworker.-Maybe a long time ago like 20 years ago
  19. Never have I ever been to an adult store.-Plenty of times
  20. Never have I ever played Dirty Truth or Dare. – I used to host this game at my house in school
  21. Never have I ever taken a shower selfie.- Are you crazy…I’m so klutzy, I’d get it wet. Bath selfie yes.
  22. Never have I ever been shy in the bedroom.- Shy no, Lazy Yes.
  23. Never have I ever had a one night stand.- More than I can count
  24. Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.-Hell No
  25. Never have I ever kissed on the first date.- People only kiss on first dates?
  26. Never have I ever been on a dating website.-That’s how I met my boo bear…he was a one night stand that turned into forever!
  27. Never have I ever been turned down.-I’m going to say No, only because I’m not a girl that takes chances with rejection.
  28. Never have I ever dated more than one person at once.- Uhhhh isn’t “dating” about meeting people and feeling out the masses?
  29. Never have I ever gone speed dating. -Nope, this terrifies me. Small talk…ewwwww.
  30. Never have I ever been dumped.-Does being ghosted count? Because I have definitely been ghosted.
  31. Never have I ever said “I love you” without meaning it.-I have actually…but its complicated.
  32. Never have I ever slept with someone twice my age.- I have not!
  33. Never have I ever spied on an ex online.- Isn’t this how we all learn how to move on?
  34. Never have I ever had a rebound.-Same as above.

Well that was anticlimactic! Looks like I have maybe two on the deviant agenda, and they really aren’t all that exciting. I’m presenting to my readers an opportunity to build on this list…Insert your outrageous “Never Have I Ever” Questions Below and I’ll answer them!!!

I’ll leave you with a few ideas

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400+ Never Have I Ever Questions - HobbyLark - Games and Hobbies
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