Aerial Adventures: Finding New Ways to Hurt Myself in my 40’s

Admittedly I have some serious writers block this week. Perhaps its less writers block and more indifference as I’ve cocooned myself from the world with the arrival of my new American Akita Pup, Geisha. I have taken the role as her “Momager” very seriously since her Instagram @Geishatheakitaguida is literally a full time job. My puppy has more Instagram followers in 2 weeks than I have had in 7 years. I can’t even even lie, I’m a bit envious of her popularity. And she is even getting legitimate collaboration offers, which requires wardrobe and daily photo shoots. So forgive me, I’ve turned into THAT kind of fur mama.

Nonetheless I haven’t been completely idle with the remainder of my time. When I’m not finding reasons to drive to Pet Smart, I’ve been looking at installing some new fun projects in our man cave/home theatre. Since Covid has started we have begun to open our home up a bit more to a small group of friends, where we will host game day or a night of cocktails at the bar. We have collectively begun to get somewhat bored with those options so have been considering adding more to the mix.

One idea stemmed from a visit at a mutual friends home where upon entering the master bedroom there was a Sex Swing…ahem…Aerial Yoga Swing. As I squealed with excitement, said friend hopped on, flipped upside down, and spread eagled like she was born on this contraption.

Immediately I knew I needed one.

The Health Benefits Of Aerial Yoga That Make It So Special - Fitneass

Was this even real? I needed someone to pinch me. Wait, someone to pinch me while I’m hanging up side down spread eagle on sex swing and call it S&M….ahem, I mean Aerial Yoga Swing.

In fact I got on Amazon that second and started shopping for this one way street to upside down paradise. And there it was 115.99… I couldn’t believe it. I had purchased a sex restraint that wasn’t even half as fun for 179.00 and it now sits covered in dust with my lingerie and desire.

Yoga Swing Hammock, Aerial Yoga Hammock Mounting Kit, Antigravity Ceiling Hanging Yoga Sling with Three Different Lengths of Handle for Professional and Beginners Purple

But in all seriousness that is what it is. I had been wanting to try Aerial Yoga for some time now given my back and neck issues and do love a good stretch. In March I had begun doing Yoga at home through the Peleton App when it was free during our lockdown. I found it challenging but I also found it hard on my back and neck which had been injured.

So aside from spicing up your bedroom, or in our case “the man cave,” I looked further into the Benefits of Arial Yoga.

According to Desert Sun Yoga

1. Total Body Work Out

     Aerial yoga puts a new spin on your favorite yoga, dance, and Pilates’ exercises. No matter what your fitness level or experience, aerial yoga challenges you to engage every muscle in your body to remain  balanced in different movements and poses like  never before. The possibilities to advance and explore are endless!

2. Full Body Stretch

     From the moment you step into the swing until the  moment you step out your body is getting a total work over. With the assistance of the aerial silk it is more accessible to stretch the spine, shoulders, chest, hips, hamstrings, feet, and ankles.

3. Alleviates Pain in Back and Hips

    Many postures explored in aerial yoga takes up to 80% of your body weight off of your bones and joints.  For many practitioners this relieves pain in the back and hips immediately with the effects lasting for hours. Consistent practice may even heal certain problems.

4. Makes Inversions Accessible 

     Always wanted to nail that perfect handstand but something holds you back? The aerial swing offers numerous ways to get into classic yoga inversions. Whether your goal is to do a headstand in the middle of the room but need a small assist, you want to do a fully supported handstand so you can focus on finer details of alignment, or you just hang out in a downward facing dog with a little less pressure, the aerial swing has something for everyone.

5. Improves Circulation

    As with any exercise regimen, aerial yoga improves      circulation and that comes with a multitude of health   benefits. Unlike most other fitness programs, aerial yoga uses inversions to help drain  lymph from the limbs. Many wraps in the aerial swing loosens knots and helps release toxins from deep tissue.

6. Boosts mood

     The first thing you do in every aerial yoga class is take all of your weight off the floor and sit Buddha style in the swing. Some people jump in like the swing was made for them, others get a little caught up in the technical details, and still others have to take a deep breath and trust that the swing will hold them up. No matter what your constitution is this first step takes you out of your usual element and that gets the endorphin’s rolling. Add the common relaxation of a yoga class with the joy of nailing your first inversion and you have 75 minutes of natural ‘happy’ hormone release.

7. Improves Balance

    While upper body strength seems to be the MVP in most aerial yoga classes, that is only true at the  surface level. Many poses require you to stand on one  leg while the other balances in the silk, forcing you to engage your core muscles and strengthen the standing leg. 

8. Deep Tissue Massage

    Who doesn’t love a deep tissue massage? You will    typically put 20-80% of your body weight on the aerial  swing during class. But you’re not just pressing your    weight down onto the silk with no love coming to you in return! In many postures the silk very lovingly presses back. While for some people who are new to aerial yoga this pressure can be quite a sensation and may be a bit uncomfortable, the silk is able to work into deep knots and connective tissue to relieve aches and sores from your daily routine. Over time most people crave the pressure of the aerial swing! As you advance your practice into more advanced tricks and wraps the pressure becomes more intense and your muscles loosen up.

So there you have it!

Stay tuned for photos of me hanging upside down spread eagle, smack in the middle of game day Sunday. And not that it will require any convincing to get one, but I can almost guarantee there will be a few curious beer guzzling Eagles Fans giving it a go.

He says sex swing, I say Aerial Yoga Hammock- We all say “Hello Amazon, When can we expect delivery?”

You can look up all kinds of classes and tutorials on Youtube!

If you aren’t interested in setting one up in your home but want to try a class out here are a couple of Calgary Studios that offer drop in classes.

R.Song Studios

Pole Junkies

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