Gloves Are Off: Time to Coax That Green Thumb Out of Hibernation.

Its that time of year where those like myself ready their talons for a bit of dirt and toil the soils of their land, or a more humbly scaled version of that. I have exactly 3 flower beds, 5 pots and a couple of boxes where I hope to plant the magical seeds I have forraged from the aisles of Home Depot. Last year when the Corona Virus had hit I had plenty of time on my hands whereby I had grown much of my harvest from Seedlings. However after seeing the beautiful rows of flowers, trees and shrubs at The Home Depot, my prized seedlings seemed grim in comparison. Not to mention once you bought the soil, fertilizers, seeds and pots, I wasn’t saving much money in the end.

While I always new I had an aprreciation for beautiful gardens, I had never really had much of an opportunity until the last to really put my skills to the test. I cruised Instagram, Pinterest, Aliexpress for whatever doo-dads and inspiration I could find. I have to say I ended up with a pretty decent looking back yard where I would spend the majority of the first wave of the Corona Virus Pandemic in.

This year I’m facing the new challenge of Dog Proofing my Garden, whereby first I’m needing to address the underground railroad that my dog has been working on quite diligently in her spare time. She has already successfully dug up my rose and hydrangea bushes that were planted so lovingly last year. Its clear they were sitting on prime bone burying property so let me just excuse myself and my green thumb in another direction. If that wasn’t heart wrenching think about all the frozen “Poopsicles” I had to ice pick out of the ground for most of the winter, only to find a whole new layer of soggy puppy mines. Spring Clean-Up has not been as breathtaking as last year this time that’s for sure.

I’d have to say out of all my little garden projects last year, my Sunflowers were the most impressive, as thy grew to about 8 feet forming a gigantic wall framing the perimeter of my patio. You couldn’t find a prettier restaurant patio in the city…like literally because all restaurants were closed for business from the lockdowns. It was mission to make the most of mine and to entertain my bubble in style, equipped with a lush and colorful ambience that wooed the senses. Despite the limitations we had some memorable experiences back there that I hope to recreate again this year.

Turning my face towards the sun and welcoming the Spring brings new energy and light to my winter weary soul. It was a long one that was compounded with the isolation from all the restrictions and closures here in Canada. I can almost feel the warm breeze kiss my skin and heal some of the pain I’ve been carrying since the days had become shorter, and skies darker.

I’ll be sure to post some updates as the yard comes along, and the signs of my dogs bad behaviors are a distant memory.

Here are some of the images I took from last year, I hope you enjoy! And be sure to tell me what you plan to plant or do in your back yard oasis this summer!

Cece.D’s Backyard Oasis 2020

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