DIY T-Shirts: The Making of a T-Shirt Line, Loosely Based on Things I Say When I’m Drunk.

Back in my heavy party girl days, you couldn’t fathom that crazy things that would come out my mouth. But I recall my cousin and I saying some particularly brilliant things that we felt were worthy of getting onto T-Shirt or Two. One of our favorites was “Punch Him in The Dick.” This phrase would find itself being bellowed from the stands of a hockey game, maybe down a hotel hallways at 2 am in Las Vegas, and most notably on a BLM Protest Sign with the words “Punch Racism in the Dick.” If that wasn’t enough, the heinous hand drawn penis getting knocked out really drove home the message in our minds. Unfortunately, like many brilliant drunk ideas, our T-Shirt Empire idea fell flat on its face, never to be remembered again.

While years have passes since I have had any good content based on my sauced up escapades, I d have some examples of what I may have said on a few occasions. Perhaps they are T-Shirt Worthy, or perhaps they should have went down the gutter with the Butter Chicken that didn’t mix well with the 10 Cosmos I downed.

Alas, The Pret-A-Porter Cece D, Professional Drinker Athleisure Line.

Let Me know if I’m onto some thing.I’m pretty sure I could do some field research for old times sake, you know to get some really good material! Cheers!

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