For If it Wasn’t For You-There Would Be No Me: A Mother’s Day Tribute

It goes beyond the physicality of being born from our mother’s womb, that our existence transcends beyond how it was that we came to be as descendants of a family tree. When I think about the women in my life that have since passed along with the ones that are still fiercely pummeling a path of purpose, I am so deeply proud to come from a long line of strong women who shaped the lives of their children so gracefully.

You see I come from a family of women that defied the norms of their times. It has been as a result of this energy that the greatest impact has trickled into my very being. While my life hasn’t been modelled along the same path as my mothers, who had one marriage, one child and a vast series of exciting opportunities that provided me the most unique childhood. I on the contrary, 1 marriage and a divorce, one child, no baby daddy around, and a long successful career in one field in one Province. However, it was because of the values and strength that was instilled in me that I not only survived some of the hardest life hiccups imaginable, but thrived because of how I persevered.

In my own experiences as a mother myself, I think often our suffering and pain happens in silence, as we work so hard to keep it all together. We never want to alarm our children with our sadness or times of hopelessness as we work through life’s hardships. However, as we all know, the bond between mother and child it connects us to their pain and hurt, whether they want us to know or not. In my experiences I’d watch my own mother move through her struggles while managing a smile and consoling embrace, even when it was her that needed it most. I’d learn the art of holding it all together, but more importantly the art of putting myself back together. I’d watch her it do it over and over.

I’ve taken on her magical way of taking life’s little blows like a champ, almost to a fault. I often get the worried remarks that I’m not opening up for help or needing much of anything in the way of support. I often feel like I have to swear up and down that I’m actually really okay as I am just that…doing OKAY! But you see, I’ve come to learn when it is time to connect for help I do but for the most part I’m so very confident in my abilities to always take ownership and accountability for my own life and what I want from it. Now that I’m in my 40’s I feel it more than ever. This was what I saw and learned from my mother. To have faith in our own ability to accomplish what it is that we believe we deserve. Not every little bit of sadness or doubt is worth our attention and for the most part is fleeting and a reflection of external sources. That is what my mother gave me-that as long as we love ourselves, no one and nothing will break our spirit.

So before I start getting too sappy, I’m wishing al the mothers in the world an honorable acknowledgement that you my dear have the hardest job in the world, but the most important!

Here’s a little montage of my mommy whom I owe so much too!

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