Talez From A Broad Feature Friday With Cherie White-Author and Anti Bullying Advocate

I have to say when I posted the article Shifting from Likeability to Connectability: Humanizing the Women Behind the Grind I was blown away at how brave Cherie was to be willing to entrust her insights with a complete stranger. Cherie is the real MVP here this week as I am honored to feature her on this weeks Feature Friday, because Anti-Bullying advocates are so incredibly necessary in helping interrupt and shine some light and attention on a growing epidemic of cruelty.

According To Public Safety Canada did you know that:

  • 47% of Canadian parents have at least one child that has been a victim of bullying
  • Around one-third of the population has experienced bullying as a child.
  • Around one-third of teenagers have been bullied recently
  • And 40% or nearly half of Canadians are bullied in the workplace every week.

The Canadian red Cross pointed out TRENDS IN BULLYING AND HARASSMENT

  • Since 2002, fighting behaviour has increased, especially in grades six to eight. As many as 18 per cent of boys and 8 per cent of girls report having been in four or more fights in the past year.13
  • Boys are more likely to experience direct forms of bullying (physical aggression) while girls experience more indirect forms of bullying including cyberbullying.14
  • Sexual harassment is higher for boys in grades six and seven, but higher for girls in grades nine and ten.15

So with no further delay lets all give Cherie White the mic!

Q: Tell me about the organization you are a part of? How did you contribute within your area of responsibility and take initiative to improve things around you with your brand of individuality?

A: I’m a published author and anti-bullying advocate. Because I was severely bullied in school, from 6th grade until I finally switched schools in the twelfth grade, I begin speaking out against bullying in 2014, by creating a Facebook group entitled “The American Alliance for Bullied Children and Teens.” My goal is to make it a 501c3 organization. I also have a blog “Chateau Cherie” in which I give advice about bullying based on lessons I learned by trial and error.

To date, I have written and published four books: One memoir and three fictions, all of which deals with the issue of bullying.

Q: What fueled the desire to get into taking on this role(s)?

A: The bullying I suffered in the past- I wanted to use what I went through to reach out to those who endure bullying today.

Q: How did it it grow your own sense of purpose and in what ways? Have others followed your passion as a result of your passion and skill?

It made me more determined to teach others why people bully, the mindsets of bullies, the forces that perpetuate bullying, and how they can overcome it.

Q:What challenges did you face and continue to face in your field? How did you overcome it?

A: I faced many challenges- naysayers, the ability to get it off the ground, and funding.

Q: Who are your biggest allies (supporters), and what can people do more of to support women in your field of experience?

A: My husband, many friends, and several of my readers and fellow bloggers support me.

Q: How do you define your power?

A: My superpowers is taking the adversity I’ve suffered in my life and turning it into fiction, and learning more about the dark side of human nature and the human predator/prey dynamic (bullying and abuse).

Q: How do people contact you if they want to learn more about you and your story? (Include your business social media accounts)

A: Through my blog:


My author website:



And Social Media



Thank You Cherie for Allowing Me to Feature You on Talez From A Broad! Make Sure you all Let Cherie Know in the comments section about the wonderful work she is doing and check out her author webpage/links.

To my readers, if you think you are the next Feature Friday candidate post in the comments section and send me an Email and I’ll send you the questionnaire!

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3 thoughts on “Talez From A Broad Feature Friday With Cherie White-Author and Anti Bullying Advocate

  1. Thank you so much, Cecile! It’s an honor and privilege to be featured on Feature Friday and on your blog. You have an awesome blog and I admire you for your work in giving women everywhere a chance to shine! ❤

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