Today’s Insta-Snippets

So if you’ve had the opportunity to read my Blog Post A Fluffy Birth Story: Overcoming the Hurdles of Fertility, you’ll understand why my new role as a fur mama is taken so serious.

I can admit that I’d used to give the ol’ eye roll when I’d get around a group of moms who would gush about the latest baby/parenting trends, gadgets and wing dings. I was the one on the sidelines drinking the Chardonnay straight from the bottle trying to numb the basic banter out of existence.

But wouldn’t you know I spent a good part of my night still drinking chardonnay but from a glass this time. I admittedly was completely engrossed in conversation with a friend who has been breeding CKC registered dogs for most of her life.

And fun fact: She just so happened to have had the pleasure of finding a forever home for one of her Frenchie babies with the undeniably talented Chloe Moretz

See Chloe Moretz Below with Storm

Chloe and Kianna Klyne (My friends daughter)

So obviously I’m going to listen to the girl who is a breeder for the Hollywood A-List Stars

I sat there intently absorbing every word of advice she gave me with the intensity I’ve not experienced for some time. You’d think she was giving me insider stock trading info the way I clung onto each nugget of wisdom, embracing it like it was the golden ticket to my fur babies legacy.

No description available.
Neither could decide who was gonna be the big spoon and little spoon….(Mystique with Geisha) @geishatheakitaguida

What I did learn is that I’ve been a good student and have been doing my homework correctly. She confirmed that I’m on the right fur mama track. And just like all those other mamas out there who used to bore me into an alcoholic induced coma, I can now say I’m a proud member of your tribe. My baby’s just a bit hairier.

So with further delay…I introduce you to the fruit of my delusional loins…Geisha the Akita Guida and her BFF Mom.

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