Welcome to Feature Friday:

Meet the Cob Queens

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” ―Sara Blakely

Owners: Jodi & Erin

Edmonton Alberta

Tell me about your business?

We are a Mobile Food Cart specializing in Roasted Corn on the Cob, offering over 14 flavors with the option of “create your own gourmet cob”. We also offer Gourmet Hot Dogs for private events.

Due to the pandemic we are limited to small private events, birthday parties, family reunions, community events and Farmers markets throughout Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

We are unique because our business offers something that no one else has around to our knowledge. We’ve taken the concept of Mexican Street Corn, which everyone loves to a whole new level! Our customers get to tailor their Cob Queen experience to their palette, age, taste or seeking a desire for culinary adventure!

We are a small company but dedicated to delivering a professional but fun encounter every time you visit Cob Queens.

What fueled the desire to start your business?

When the pandemic hit I (Erin) lost both jobs at the same time and we had been playing around about the idea until it became something that needed to be done. Being nervous and scared at first to not having a choice between eating and not eating is what threw us into the fire of needing to just go for it.

Whats better than one cob? Two cobs obviously!

As chance would have it, we came across a roaster online in the area and was surprised as our initial searches had only shown them available for order in the United States. It was like the universe was working in our favor at a time when everything felt like it was going to shit.

Opportunity is out there, its just a matter of approaching it with the attitude of eat or be eaten, even if survival is not on line.

What does owning and running your own business do for your confidence?

Running a business just instills in us that we can do anything we want and take something we believe in and make it into the vision we want. Working with a partner we have the ability to control and manifest our own success. The success of the business is what validates our efforts and translates it into confidence.

When you have your own business you re a lot more careful with your decisions as the impact is greater than when you are working for a larger company. When you make good decisions, the positives are immediately evident in terms of the margins, profits, and most importantly customers feedback.

What challenges did you face and continue to face as a woman in business?

The first challenge was knowing where to start, and figuring out all the regulations that are not common knowledge. Neither of us had any experience in the field other than knowing how to cook for our friends and families. We often wondered how are we going to bring it to fruition? The competition can be fierce and male dominated in the food cart/food truck industry and aren’t always welcoming.

There are also lots of obstacles to contend with such as weather, being a new food vendor, drawing in more customers than others which can create tension. Sometimes there are barriers that are created as success and notoriety increases, and new restrictions are all of a sudden implemented that weren’t there prior to our success. There is a mix of supporters within the food vendor world, but its competitive. Some people are open to giving tips, some have difficulty just being happy for a couple of gals selling some good ass corn on the cob!

Who are your biggest allies, and what can people do more of to support other women in business?

Our biggest allies are a couple food trucks that took us under their wing. They provide support and beneficial information that is critical to our success and growth. In addition, we have a strong tribe of women who continue to cheer us on, stop by with their friends, and share the word that we are a little food cart with big heart.

How do you define your Big P***y Energy?

Our BPE is defined by being Fierce! Driven! and Unstoppable. We have taken this idea and ran with it… we are taking it to new heights and next year we will have that much more experience supported by some pretty big ideas. You’ll definitely be hearing about is on numerous platforms.

How do people contact you and where are you located? (Include your business social media accounts)?

IG – Cobqueens

FB – Cobqueens

Email – Cobqueens@gmail.com


Want to be the next BPE Feature?

Email me at bpeyyc@gmail.com,

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