In Search of B*P*E

Are you a boss babe with B*P*E interested in spreading your inspirational journey where you have begun your own business, project, or movement that’s gaining a buzz?

Lets help each other grow and promote.

Boss Babes are non discriminatory (ie. Women of Color/Non Binary/Gender Fluid/LGBTQ2S)- In fact you will be prioritized….

If you want to be featured on my upcoming Blog Features and Website Fill out the form below or I can email you as well. Just drop me a line.

Stay Purrrrty Followers

1. Tell me about your business?
2. What fueled the desire to start your business?
3. What does owning and running your own business do for your confidence?
4. What challenges did you face and continue to face as a woman in business?
5. Who are your biggest allies, and what can people do more of to support other women in business?
6. How do you define your Big Pussy Energy?
7. How do people contact you and where are you located? (Include your business social media accounts)
Please send your completed copy to

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